Bryan Moyer Suderman has a gift for writing songs for all ages that are at once simple, catchy, profound, and fun. Songs that are deeply scriptural, musically memorable, and readily singable.  Songs that have become favourites in homes and churches across North America and around the world.

Bryan has years of experience performing and inspiring people to sing, whether in congregational settings, house concerts, or large ecumenical conventions or conference events. Audiences respond to the warmth of his voice, the contagious nature of his songs, and his signature interactive style of singing and song leading.

Bryan has been making music for as long as he can remember, but it was in January 2001 that he sat down on the living room floor with his then-3-year-old son and sang “God’s love is for everybody, everyone around the world. Me and you and all God’s children, from across the street to around the world…” Somehow the floodgates had been opened, and the “songs of faith for small and tall” just keep on coming.

Bryan’s first CD of original songs, God’s Love is for everybody , was released in November 2002, and Can’t Keep Quiet! in 2005. The 2007 release My Money Talks: songs for worship, a powerful and timely collection of economics-themed songs, made clear to everyone what those who had attended his concerts and heard his recordings knew all along – Bryan’s songs speak deeply to both children and adults, and enable people of all ages to sing their faith in moving and memorable ways.

Bryan’s 4th CD, A New Heart (2009), was his most ambitious and stylistically diverse recording to date, drawing on the deep wells of biblical vision and wisdom with songs that are, in Bryan’s inimitable style, evocative, engaging, and inspirational for young and old alike. Detectives of Divinity (2011), Bryan’s newest release of original “songs of faith for small and tall,” once again enables us to sing scripture together in new ways, this time with more “stripped down” acoustic arrangements.

2012 say the release of “New World Coming” – a compilation album of recordings drawn from Bryan’s 5 CDs over the preceding decade. And in 2014 Bryan released the soundtrack of “Selah’s Song” – a musical theatre production in collaboration with Theatre of the Beat – for which Bryan wrote the songs that bring this inspiring story to life.

Bryan’s songs have been embraced by the broader church, are sung regularly in many congregations, and have been published in various songbook and hymnal resources, including the Church Hymnary 4th Edition (Church of Scotland), the Sing With The World songbook (both edited by John Bell of the Iona community), International Songbook (Mennonite World Conference Assembly, Asunción, Paraguay), Leader magazine, numerous curriculum resources and congregational songbooks. Bryan has written well-loved theme songs for schools, conferences, and conventions, and the Presbyterian Church of Canada has made a DVD based on one of Bryan’s songs as a creation care resource for congregations. In addition to his studio albums, Bryan’s other recording credits include producing CDs for Vacation Bible School and the “Gather ‘Round” Sunday School Curriculum published by Herald Press and Faith and Life Resources. The Center for the Ministry of Teaching of the Virginia Theological Seminary (Episcopal Church) highlighted the focus on worship and Bryan’s original music as particular strengths in their recent selection of the 2009 Bible School Curriculum “Catch The Spirit” as a “top pick”.

As an in-demand performer entering his 9th year of doing music full time, Bryan has also developed an innovative business model in his ongoing quest to structure his ministry/business in a way that can be healthy and sustainable emotionally, relationally, spiritually, ecologically, and economically. One facet of this business model is a membership system where households and congregations/organizations can become a member of SmallTall Music and receive regular “deliveries” of new songs, along with music notation and chords and other resources, via download from Bryan’s “community supported music” website.

Bryan is a former youth pastor, teacher, and overseas mission worker, who holds degrees in Theology, History, and Education. Born in Winnipeg and having lived in 6 countries and 3 Canadian provinces, Bryan lives with his wife and son in Stouffville, Ontario (just north of Toronto), where they are members of Community Mennonite Church.

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