Over the years of working to develop a “business model” that could be healthy and sustainable economically, ecologically, emotionally and relationally, I have adapted the “Community Supported Agriculture” concept and applied it to my music ministry. My “Community Supported Music” initiative has been up and running since 2006, and there are some other friends and colleagues who have begun adapting it for their artistic vocations as well.

Joining my CSM (also known as “becoming a member of SmallTall Music”) is like joining an organic food cooperative or CSA farm, where you pay an annual fee and receive regular deliveries of fresh, local, organic produce, throughout the growing season, straight from the producer.

When you join my CSM and become a member of SmallTall Music, you pay an annual fee and receive regular deliveries of fresh, home-grown, organic music – new “songs of faith for small and tall.”

See my “Community Supported Music” website to find out more, and to sign up as a member (household memberships and congregational/organizational memberships are available). UPDATE: Please note – as of February 2012 the CSM is “on hold” for a while – likely for a year or so. Click here for more information. No new memberships are currently being accepted.


Here are a few media articles on my CSM approach that have appeared over the years:

Faith Today – “Musician Sells Farm-Fresh Songs

Stouffville Sun-Tribune – “Pork For Music Sounds Good To Songwriter

Geez magazine – “Musical Do-Gooders” (the article is no longer online, but the article was in the Fall 2008 issue, available here)

Mennonite Creation Care Network – “SmallTall Music Delivers Homegrown Songs

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