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Bryan is a singer/songwriter, Bible teacher, and itinerant music minister who has spent the last 20 years finding creative ways to engage communities in the ongoing scriptural drama of God’s great mission in the world. Audiences and congregations respond to the warmth of Bryan’s voice, the contagious nature of his songs, and his signature interactive style of singing and teaching.

Here are some of the most common (but by no means the only) “performance modes” for Bryan’s music and Bible teaching ministries:

  • interactive all-ages concerts. Over the years, the one-hour all-ages concert has been a mainstay of Bryan’s performances, and is infinitely adaptable depending on the setting and the demographic mix of the audience.
  • worship resource. Bryan regularly serves as a worship leader/speaker/song leader in congregational and other settings, weaving together scripture, story and song in intergenerational worship experiences that are engaging and inspiring.
  • school concerts. Many Christian schools sing Bryan’s songs with gusto and incorporate them into the curriculum and classroom/all-school routines. Bryan’s performances inspire students,  staff and parents in school concerts, assemblies, chapels, and classroom settings.
  • stories and songs. Bryan also does performances that are more geared toward adults, enabling him to tell stories and perform songs in his repertoire that do not fit easily into an all-ages sing-along concert format.
  • house concerts. Bryan’s music and interactive style are well suited for house concert settings. A unique “twist” on more traditional house concerts is to plan it as a family affair, with an initial set that is highly interactive and child-oriented, and then to provide childcare during a second set that is especially for the parents and other adults (see the “stories and songs” category above).
  • workshops. Bryan is frequently invited to lead workshops on various themes, including financial stewardship, creation care, missional church, songwriting for worship, and various topics relating to children and music and worship.
  • “Reading the Bible With Jesus.” Since 2011 Bryan has been engaged in research, writing, and teaching about Jesus’ use of Scripture as portrayed in the Gospels. A series of 4 weekend workshops are scheduled for 2014-2015 in Stouffville, Ontario, in partnership with Willowgrove, the Markham-Stouffville Mennonite Ministerial, and Mennonite Church Eastern Canada. Bryan is also available to offer these workshops in congregational settings. Click here for more details.
  • retreats. Bryan and Julie, as a husband/wife team, regularly resource all-ages congregational retreats with activity-based sessions and intergenerational worship experiences. Click here for more details.

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